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Express & WWD Swag Bag

Back in mid-September I mentioned winning a swag bag from Express and Women’s Wear Daily.  It arrived!

Contents of the Express/WWD Swag Bag

In the bag was a sweater jacket, perfume and $25 gift card.  Amazing.  I really love the sweater – so perfect now that it finally feels like fall!  Completely made my day. : )



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Just Won A WWD/Express Swag Bag!

I won a swag bag from WWD and Express this week – so excited!  So far I only know one piece of the prize: a sweater jacket that retails for $80 – not too shabby.

Express Oversize Shawl-Collar Sweater Jacket

Perfect for fall! I’ve been looking for a sweater jacket – this could be the one.

Looking forward to its arrival and seeing what else is included in the swag bag!

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Kell on Earth: Week 2

Episode 2 started with Kelly’s team updating a seating chart 2 hours before a Chado show.  They were dealing with of a nightmare not being able to have printed lists.  The seating chart wouldn’t print correctly from their computer, so their list was 1/2 on the computer, 1/2 hand-written.

15 minutes before the show, the lobby is still packed.  People were trying to take other people’s seats, lying about who they were, etc.  Chaos.  BUT It looked like they got everyone who was invites and suppose to be seated.  Kelly: “Mistakes happen that are out of our control.” True.  The show went really well, they got fabulous reviews but didn’t end up being featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

Result: They got fired.

Next they worked on a show for Genetic Denim.  A mini-crisis arose when someone used $0.61 stamps instead of $0.44 stamps.  A bigger crisis arose when interns put editor gifts into white paper bags with addresses written in Sharpie.  Oops.  Not exactly professional. Continue reading

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