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The Voice

I’m not a fan of most singing competition shows, but NBC’s The Voice is an exception.  Here are a few favorites from the first show:

Jeff Jenkins’s rendition of Bless the Open Road all but broke my heart.  His voice and story are amazing:

Rebecca Loebe’s completely unique take on Come As You Are was also stunning:

Patrick Thomas had another one of my favorite auditions.  He’s a little young but oh-so-charming.

Kelsey Rey, however, was chosen but not one of my favorites.  She said probably a dozen times how she’s always judged on her looks and not her talents, but, sorry to say, I don’t think she’s that cute!  Her arrogance was really annoying.

Did you see the show?  What did you think?  Did it renew your faith in singing competition shows?  It did mine!  Looking forward to tomorrow’s new episode.


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The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty premiered Monday night on VH1. Did you see it? I didn’t really think much of it until I saw a roughly 10-minute promo for the show on Saturday morning.  The show – surprisingly – looked almost refreshing. Here’s a snippet from PopSugar:

I have nothing against Jessica Simpson & think she often gets more than her fair share of crap from the media.  However, that being said, she doesn’t always portray herself as the most cultured or educated woman.  I really wish I could find the trailer I saw that made me look forward to the movie…I think it does a better job of highlighting what the show is suppose to be.

The premise of the show is to highlight how we’re all different & it is those differences who make us unique & beautiful.  Who could argue with that?

After seeing the show, I think Jessica Simpson came off as sheltered and uncultured, what do you think?  I think the idea of celebrities being sheltered & snobbish is somewhat of a stereotype since there are obviously many of them who are very cultured and well-rounded.  She doesn’t make herself look like one of them.

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Kell on Earth: Week 3

Once again I loved the episode, almost as much as last week’s & the first week’s.  Again, so many reoccurring themes, such as the importance of attention to detail and it’s hard to please someone when they don’t know what they want and have unclear (or unrealistic) expectations.  Seems obvious….but it’s not always so easy, right?

My key take-aways from today’s show can be best-expressed in quote form:

  1. “If you can’t figure out who the top 126 most important people are then maybe you shouldn’t work here.” -Emily
  2. “What are you guys doing – you guys are scaring the f*ck out of me.”    -Kelly
  3. “I’m the boss, I give you a paycheck & you’re suppose to give me work.      -Kelly
  4. “NYC: where the girls are mean but oh-so-pretty.”  -Kelly

AGAIN with the labels!!  Poor Stephanie V. can’t catch a break.  She doesn’t pay attention to details.  Looks like it might be “peace out” for her.

Anyone else watching this?  Am I the only one who thinks this show is so fantastic? 🙂

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Kell on Earth: Week 2

Episode 2 started with Kelly’s team updating a seating chart 2 hours before a Chado show.  They were dealing with of a nightmare not being able to have printed lists.  The seating chart wouldn’t print correctly from their computer, so their list was 1/2 on the computer, 1/2 hand-written.

15 minutes before the show, the lobby is still packed.  People were trying to take other people’s seats, lying about who they were, etc.  Chaos.  BUT It looked like they got everyone who was invites and suppose to be seated.  Kelly: “Mistakes happen that are out of our control.” True.  The show went really well, they got fabulous reviews but didn’t end up being featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

Result: They got fired.

Next they worked on a show for Genetic Denim.  A mini-crisis arose when someone used $0.61 stamps instead of $0.44 stamps.  A bigger crisis arose when interns put editor gifts into white paper bags with addresses written in Sharpie.  Oops.  Not exactly professional. Continue reading

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Kell on Earth: Episode 1

BravoTV.com's Kell on Earth

I was DYING to see Kell on Earth to see what they show about the PR world.

Here are some of my key take-aways from the first show:

  1. Is so much swearing necessary?  I really think you can get your point across without swearing at people.
  2. The flip side?  I think Kelly really loves her staff.  Er…maybe it’s a love/hate relationship.
  3. She makes a really good point: “America is going through a really hard time right now” & you have to protect your business.  Yes.  Completely agree.  With budgets being cut – and marketing and PR often being in the first things to get the boot.
  4. Robin: “It’s all based on details”
  5. LOVE how they talk about real designers.  Love that.  I guess I don’t know what I was expecting – but I love that they walked us through fashion week with real designers.
  6. WHOA WHOA WHOA – Kelly Cutrone is friends with Ashley Dupre, the woman who slept with former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer????  WHOA.
  7. (two seconds later…) SHE WAS ON THE SHOW???
  8. Kelly’s assistant annoys me…his hair is too long (I don’t like long hair on guys…) & he’s kind of annoying…at this that’s my first impression
  9. I DO love how she tells it how it is with media.  At one point, she kicks out a photographer before a show.  he comes afterwards, and she says “you get this shot, put it up on your Web site & we’re all good.”  Fantastic.
  10. Kelly & Robin live in the same building as work?  That would make it impossible to have a life apart from work (I would think).  However, I think it’s fantastic it’s a live/work building since Kelly’s daughter lives with her in the building given her hours.
  11. Good point: “You have to know the ins & outs of every detail.”
  12. Another good point: “Just because you delegated something doesn’t mean it’s going to get done.”

The verdict?  I love it.

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Big Announcement

I hope her book isn't how to keep your marriage strong...

I hope her book isn't how to keep your marriage strong...

I used to love this show and used to watch it all the time – before this season – which is ironic given the fact that ratings have been through the roof this season.  I couldn’t help but watch the much-hyped episode with Jon & Kate’s “big announcement” – which everyone speculated would be divorce.

Looks like everyone was right.

They announced that they are getting a divorce and that the kids will stay in the house and it will be the parents who switch – which I think is a really cool idea in a strange sort of way. I think this may work out in the beginning, but what about when each of the parents have new spouses?

The thing that shocks me is that they are STILL GOING TO DO THE SHOW….what???? Why would you keep doing the show??  Don’t you think this is going to be a challenging transition for your children and that they should have some time to deal with it without everyone watching??  They keep saying that everything is for their kids – but I think they can still give their kids rich and fulfilling lives without doing the show.  I understand that much of what they own is because of the show, but seriously.  I think they have allowed themselves to have a skewed sense of reality.  I think the best thing for the kids would be to quit the show.  Duh…

This should be proof that every family that sticks with reality TV shows breaks apart.

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