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Bird Watching

Portobello and Cheddar are arguably loving the nice weather more than even me.

Bird watching

They love to stare out the window at birds.  They always seem to see the same ones, and their little heads travel in unison left-to-right as the birds fly by.


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Ice Cream!

It’s finally getting warm out – today was beautiful.  First ice cream of the season!

Mmm....JP Licks!

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Time for Some Spring Dresses

I went shopping with a friend because she needed a dress for an event.  I didn’t need anything….or so I thought.  On a whim, we went into a cute boutique-y store and I walked out with two new spring dresses!


Blue and tan dress

I love this dress.  It’s high-waisted and the skirt flairs out the perfect amount.  I also really like the racer-back straps.

Blue floral dress

Both are really light.  I love the flowyness of this second dress especially.


I’m so excited to wear them.  Now I just need warm weather.

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Sean and I just got back from vacationing on Block Island.  He’s been a few times before but this was my first time going – I loved it!  It was really gorgeous.  I guess I didn’t know what to expect, exactly, but loved it as soon as I got on the ferry.

Smoothie at Froozies

In this picture Sean and I are enjoying a delicious smoothie from a place called Froozies.   They were supposed to have delicious smoothies and sandwiches.   The smoothie we tried – made of apples, strawberries, raspberries and bananas – was really delicious.  Their facebook.com

sandwich menu looked fantastic – lots of hummus, avocados and fresh veggies, all things I love.  BUT, the women working there when we ordered the smoothie were so MISERABLE we never went back for another smoothie or a sandwich.  Alas.

Block Island Beach

The water was perfect.  The water temperature was in the mid-70s and the waves were great – not too big but definitely fun.

I was nervous about the weather before we went but it ended up being ideal.  Hot but not too humid.

All-around a fantastic and much-needed vacation. : )

…Stay tuned for additional Block Island posts and pictures this week.

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Helloooo Summer!

It’s official – summer is finally here.  A time for long, sunny days, relaxation and happiness.  I love summer for the warmer weather, summer clothes, barbeques and swimming.  I couldn’t be happier spending the day at the beach or poolside with friends.  To me, nothing is more relaxing.

I want to be here!

Last year, Boston robbed us of many of those sunny days – crossing fingers this year will be different.  We’ve been on the warmer and sunnier side and I hope it stays that way!

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Time for a Picnic

I was just introduced to huset, a  site for modern home decor & accessories.  Now I want to have a picnic!

The product description:

You can turn your picnic into a Hip-nic with this bright ‘Sunkissed’ colored durable melamine tiffin lunch box from Danish brand Rice dk. Based on a traditional tiffin style lunch box this consists of 4 layers, the top layer is compartmentalised into 4 sections to increase the number of items you can transport. It’s a fabulous way to make sure you have all your favorite foods with you while out for a picnic, ball game or the beach. The tiffin box is secured by a stainless steel clamp which fastens at the top and also acts as a great carry handle.

Rice dk Melamine Lunch Box: $58.50

Disassembled Rice dk Melamine Lunch Box

So glad summer is on its way here.  I want to go on a picnic!


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Loving This: J Crew Blakely Dress

I need this for spring/summer!  Yes.  Need. I love this dress – how cute is this??  I heart J. Crew.  And nude is very “in” this season (the color – not the lack of clothing).  They have the cutest stuff.  Very classic looks.

J Crew Cotton Blakely Dress: $118

J Crew Cotton Blakely Dress (from side): $118

I’m obsessed with this dress – I need one!  Oh, spring.  When will it actually feel like you’ve begun???

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