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Gilt Trovato Dress

I just ordered a new Trovata shirt dress from Gilt:

Trovata Dress from Gilt

The dress retails for $165 but was on sale on Gilt for $59.  With the site credits they’ve given out, I only ended up paiding $9 for the dress.

ALSO – I recieved it the NEXT DAY.  Literally.  The NEXT DAY.  This has never happened to me.  Most sample sale sites are known for slow shipping, and Gilt is no different.  They are pushing a faster shipping schedule for the holidays and it doesn’t get much faster than one-day shipping at snail mail prices.

For an invite to shop on Gilt, click here.  For additional private shopping invites, visit the VIP Shopping page.


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Personal Shopping Lockdown

One of my kitchen magnets

I’ve put myself on a money lockdown until the end of the year.  Seriously.  This means no new pairs of boots, bags, dresses or fall coats.  None.  The fantasticly slouchhy Steve Madden boots I just purchased (at a fantastic price, I might add) hold the place as the last item I’m buying for myself in 2010.

Nonetheless, we are entering into the holiday season.  I’ll admit I’ve even started Christmas shopping.  My money-saving methods are carrying over into the holiday arena – I’m hunting for the best gifts at the best price.  Makes sense, right?  Even though I tend to spend more than I want on shopping at times, I pride myself on typically staying within budget over the holidays while not skimping on gifts – no one better disagree with me. : )

Tips for Holiday Saving:

  1. Determine your budget and stick to it – I don’t set a FIRM budget down to the cent because sometimes you see things you know someone will love, but I DO set a budget.  I make a list of who I need to shop for and almost tier them out according to dollar amounts.  For example, Mom and Dad take up more of the budget than some of my girlfriends.  I determine what  I will spend on each person and do my best to hold true.
  2. Know how to find the best price – Check multiple shopping sites before making a final decision.  For fashion and apparel, sites like Shop It To Me aggregate different shopping sites into one so you can find the best price.  For other items, Google Shopping does a really great job of helping to find the best prices.
  3. Make a running shopping list – I literally have a running email draft entitled “CHRISTMAS” with links of things I’ve seen for different people.
  4. Shop with cash when possible – Bring cash if you’re planning on shipping at the mall vs. online.  It’s harder to part with cash than plastic. : )

Anyone else already getting in the Christmas spirit?

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How could I forget?  I’ve been framed! ; )

Recently I was at a store anniversary event and was shot by Boldfacers.  Check out their photo gallery (I’m picture 17).


Yours truly on Boldfacers



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Modern Amusement

Today Gilt held one of their Final Sales.  I’ve been looking for some plaid shirt dresses – and look what I found!

Modern Amusement Boyfriend Shirt Dress

I scored this Modern Amusement Boyfriend Shirt Dress for $29 – it retails for $128.  Not too shabby, right?

I also did something today recommended to me by someone at Gilt I’ve never actually done – “stalk” an item currently in other people’s carts because, chances are, they won’t purchase it.  It worked!  All sizes except mine were sold out and my size (which I think usually sells out first) was “on hold” in people’s carts.  Sure enough, 100 page refreshes later it was mine (not literally, but almost).  I went back to that section of the sale after I made my purchase and all the dresses were gone.  Must have snagged the last one. : )

What makes the dress even better is I bought it using Gilt credits from other people signing up under my name – so it was technically free.  Good times.

Gilt has designer brands for up to 70% off – join and check it out for yourself!  For other private sale shopping site invites, visit the VIP Shopping Page.

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A post on Refinery 29 today about emerging designers just may have introduced me to my new favorite designer: Whitney Pozgay.  Her brainchild is the amazingly trendy-yet-wearable Whit.

Whit Jumper

I can’t tell you how much I want this outfit and how much I want to recreate this look.  I won’t use the word “obsessed,” but I practically am.  I love the fit of the jumper and the white button-down underneath.  Very on-point with fall trends without being too trendy.  Completely wearable.  It also looks extremely comfortable – which makes it that much more appealing.

Whit bubble skirt and striped shirt

I love the fitted shirt with the belted bubble mini skirt.  Again, wearable and yet witty (Whit-y??).  At price points slightly higher than my budget allows – the blue jumper retails for almost $400 and the brown skirt is about $300 – it isn’t something I can exactly build it into my everyday wardrobe, but maybe someday, right?

Check out the full Refinery 29 article about the six emerging designers to watch at Fashion Week.

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Beige is the New Black

As you may recall, I recently won a $75 gift card from DSW.  I’ve been wanting a new, fabulous pair of beige pumps, so decided now would be a good time to find some.

Today I scored a pair of $278 Cole Haan beige patent leather pumps and it only cost me $19.74 in cash.  I know, I know – ridiculous.  The shoes were on sale for roughly $150 with an extra 30% off.  Due to an imperfection in the leather, they generously gave me an additional 10% off the $150 price.  That, partnered with the gift card, meant I paid (technically) less than $20 for the shoes.

PS – Before any of you scold me, there’s no such thing as the “new black” – black is always the best, but beige is the next best thing. : )


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Get $10 for Joining Rue La La!

Love shopping?  Now until August 8th, you instantly get a $10 credit for joining Rue La La.

So…what are you waiting for?  JOIN NOW!

Rue La LA is a member-only luxury brand shopping sale site where all your favorite brands are always on sale.  Always.

Happy shopping!

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