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Polka Dots

Long lost Forever 21 gift cards, when found, mean new spring dresses. Hello polka dots.


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Spring Flats

One of my amazingly lovely co-workers just gave me a new pair of Rudolph Dassler Rhythm Shines. Love them! I don’t have anything like them yet and they are great for spring. Now, if only the nice weather would stick…


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Spring Trend: Wide Leg Pants

OK – not going to lie – I’m really excited about this!!  Spring brings the return of wide leg pants.  Specifically, I’m excited about wide leg jeans.

I personally think I look better in wide leg and flare jeans than skinny jeans.  By a lot.


Wide Leg True Religion Jeans $242


I love these True Religion jeans (available on Zappos).  They’re wider leg with an even wider flare at the bottom.  Too bad my budget doesn’t allow me to go shopping right now.  New jeans just moved up on my wish list.

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New Spring Shoes

Can it just be spring already?  I’m so ready to whip out the summer clothes and shoes!  I recently realized all my black flats are very wintery and thought, that just won’t do.

Steve Madden Black Woven Flats

Scored these black woven Steve Madden flats for a sweet price at DSW.  I love the weaving – makes them different from normal flats.

Again – can spring hurry up and get here already??

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Can it be Spring Yet?

I have to admit there are some perks to my job.  I recently became the new owner of these adorable flats:


Grey Flats

Can it please be spring so I can wear these?



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