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Spring Flats

One of my amazingly lovely co-workers just gave me a new pair of Rudolph Dassler Rhythm Shines. Love them! I don’t have anything like them yet and they are great for spring. Now, if only the nice weather would stick…



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Spring Trend: Wide Leg Pants

OK – not going to lie – I’m really excited about this!!  Spring brings the return of wide leg pants.  Specifically, I’m excited about wide leg jeans.

I personally think I look better in wide leg and flare jeans than skinny jeans.  By a lot.


Wide Leg True Religion Jeans $242


I love these True Religion jeans (available on Zappos).  They’re wider leg with an even wider flare at the bottom.  Too bad my budget doesn’t allow me to go shopping right now.  New jeans just moved up on my wish list.

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Time for Some Spring Dresses

I went shopping with a friend because she needed a dress for an event.  I didn’t need anything….or so I thought.  On a whim, we went into a cute boutique-y store and I walked out with two new spring dresses!


Blue and tan dress

I love this dress.  It’s high-waisted and the skirt flairs out the perfect amount.  I also really like the racer-back straps.

Blue floral dress

Both are really light.  I love the flowyness of this second dress especially.


I’m so excited to wear them.  Now I just need warm weather.

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Right On Target

I went to Target‘s Web site and was greeted by this image on their banner.  What can I say…it spoke to me!  I’ve found some really cute styles at target before, but I think they’ve outdone themselves this year for spring.

I say: Style should be obtainable.  Style doesn’t coincide with a certain designer or brand or designer.  The right style gives you pure confidence.

Am I right?  I am.

Blue Target Dress: $20

With many dresses under $30 (& even under $25), Target’s style is affordable.

This blue dress (left) from Target is only $20.  When you buy dresses for only $20, you have a lot more cash to spend on shoes, bags & accessories.  Loves it.  How pretty is this blue?  Blue is one of those universally flattering colors.  Everyone looks good in a pretty blue.

Have you ever shopped for clothes at Target?  Also – & possibly more importantly – do you call Target “Tar-GET” or “Tar-Jay”?

Urban Dictionary has this to say about Tarjay: The alternative pronunciation of the big-box store Target.  Calling “Target” by the moniker “Tarjay” aims to make the shopping experience seem more upscale than it really is.  If you are always shopping at the big-box store, you may be stigmatized by your friends who shop at Whole Foods or at a mom and pop store.

Regardless, it’s worth taking a peak at what Target has to offer for spring & summer.  Happy shopping!

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Right Now on Gilt: Ali Ro

Ali Ro is currently being featured on Gilt.com.  I LOVE Ali Ro.  Here’s how they describe the sale – I couldn’t say it any better:

“Drapey tops and blouson dresses made of hammered silk. Printed chiffon frocks and blouses. Known for flattering pieces, this hot new contemporary label from California manages to be sweet without being too girly and fresh without being too trendy.”

They have really flattering lines.  Here are some of my favs from the sale:

Ali Ro Cupro Cotton Shift Dress: $119 from $286

Love this dress.  Not only does the color completely POP but I love the draped sleeves.  The belt just completes the look.  This retails for $286 but is currently on Gilt for $119.

Ali Ro Printed Jersey Knit Dress $119 from $240

It’s completely uncharacteristic of me to like this dress, but somehow it totally speaks to me.  I love the fun, wild (no pun intended) pattern.  I also like the slightly lower, dropped waist.  This retails for $240 but is on Gilt for $119.

Ali Ro Silk Linen Strapless $99 from $215

Surprise, surprise: I picked a black dress.  The pleats above & below the empire waist bring a little twist to an otherwise simple black mini.  Adorable.  This dress retails for $215 but is on Gilt for $99.  Loves it.

Gilt Groupe is an invite-only sample sale site.  For an invite to this & other invite-only shopping sites, please visit the VIP Shopping page.  Go ahead.  Sign up.  It’s free! 🙂

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Spring Trend Roundup

I’ve highlighted different spring trends (Flower Power & some of my favs at H&M) but wanted to scoop them up & put them all on one place.  Since I love the number 13, here are what I’m calling the “Lucky 13:”Spring & Summer Trends 2

  1. Boyfriend blazer: this is one of the items I’m really happy to see back this year. They’re so versatile – you can wear them out on top of a cute black dress or dress them down with jeans.
  2. Tiny floral prints: as I’ve recently mentioned, “flower power” is a big trend this year.  Everyone from DVF to Forever 21 is highlighting floral prints right now.Spring & Summer Trends 3
  3. SCARVES: yet another trend I love & never want to go away.  This was a trend last summer & it’s still a popular trend.  Colorful scarves can really add *POP* to an outfit.
  4. Cross-body bags: Coach puts it best: “The Bag style of the year. We think it owes its popularity to the fact that shopping requires two free hands.” Love that.
  5. Gladiator sandals: I found some great ones at 6pm.com.  I’m not a fan of the sandals that are TOO strappy – no need to have your feet appear as though they’ve been taken hostage – but just the right amount of straps are cute & definitely in for spring.
  6. Plaid: still loving this.Spring & Summer Trends 1
  7. Ruffles: Bluefly recently brought in a slew of Marc Jacobs finds featuring ruffles.  Girly & cute.
  8. Bows a là Alice in Wonderland.
  9. Denim: denim everythingggg.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear denim on denim as I’ve been seeing…but when worn right, it’s cute.
  10. Military-inspired items a là Gilt’s Vogue Shop the Issue Sale
  11. Stripes: nautical-themed stripes are very big right now.  Almost goes in hand with military-inspired clothing (think: stripes: navy, military-inspired clothing: army)
  12. Clogs: they’re BACK!  These, however, are not your grade school clogs.  They’re actually CUTE.
  13. Shirt dresses LOVE THESE.  Cannot get enough of them.

Which styles are you looking forward to this season?  Or are you just excited you’ll soon be able to go outside without 15 layers? I know I am.

I made these three style sets with Polyvore.  Definitely worth checking out.


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H&M Fashion Sets

I walk by an H&M every morning on my way to work.  Lately, their store window displays have been amazing.  I don’t always find things I like at H&M, but I’m loving what they’re doing for spring.  They currently have a fun “style creator” on their Web site allowing you to make mini collages or style sets of some of their items.  Not quite as sophisticated as the sets you can create on Polyvore (I recently made a Polyvore set here), but still fun!  I’m seeing an upward trend in style sets – especially with Polyvore.  DVF just did held a contest with them, as did Coach (found here).

Here’s my H&M set with my favorite finds right now:

While assembling the style set on their site, the user is able to see how much each individual item costs, as well as the total cost of the set.  It’s definitely worth noting this ENTIRE set costs $205.65.  I think that’s an amazing price!  I especially love the blazer and the dress.  I NEED to go out & find them.  Especially since each is just about $35.  Fantastic.  What do you think?

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