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Spring Flats

One of my amazingly lovely co-workers just gave me a new pair of Rudolph Dassler Rhythm Shines. Love them! I don’t have anything like them yet and they are great for spring. Now, if only the nice weather would stick…



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New Boots

You can never have too many pairs of shoes.

I just ordered a new pair of Steve Madden boots from Nordstrom – can’t wait until they get here! I don’t have a pair of shorter boots now that I can wear with jeans, just taller pairs. These seemed like exactly what I was looking for. They should arrive in a few days and I’m crossing my fingers I love them just as much in person as I did when I saw them online.

Steve Madden Azurret Boots

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Have Shoes: Will Travel

I can count the days left until my trip to Germany on one hand. I can’t go to Germany and not have new shoes, right?

Excited about my new PUMA Rhythms I’ll be bringing with me on the trip. These are nice and comfortable with extra cushioning at the bottom. Should be perfect for long days at Bread & Butter.

PUMA Rhythm flats

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Moonlighting as a Shoe Designer

I recently had the opportunity at work to design a new First Round shoe.  I decided my little brother Tim would be the lucky recipient.

Enjoy, Tim!

The shoes I designed for my brother

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New Spring Shoes

Can it just be spring already?  I’m so ready to whip out the summer clothes and shoes!  I recently realized all my black flats are very wintery and thought, that just won’t do.

Steve Madden Black Woven Flats

Scored these black woven Steve Madden flats for a sweet price at DSW.  I love the weaving – makes them different from normal flats.

Again – can spring hurry up and get here already??

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Can it be Spring Yet?

I have to admit there are some perks to my job.  I recently became the new owner of these adorable flats:


Grey Flats

Can it please be spring so I can wear these?



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Designer Shoe Giveaway

This is for all my fellow shoe lovers:

Shop It To Me is holding a contest starting today and is giving away a free pair of designer shoes to one lucky lady.

Sign up for the shopping site and enter for a chance to win one of the shoes being given away.  The winner will be able to choose from:

  • Chanel flats
  • Christian Louboutin stilettos
  • Manolo Blahniks
  • Jimmy Choo pumps

Which would you choose?

Shop It To Me is a member’s only shopping site.  Users enter information about shopping preferences, sizes and favorite designers/brands, and Shop It To Me helps them find the best deals online.  It’s a great tool when you’re looking for something that might be available on multiple sites.  Using Shop It To Me helps to find the best price.

Once you sign up for the site and enter the contest, invite other people to join for additional entries.  Hurry!  Contest ends on Friday.  Good luck and happy shopping!

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