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COACH Arrivals

It didn’t take long for my purchases from the recent COACH Sale to arrive. Not long at all. They arrived as a lovely Valentine’s Day gift to me.

Coach Signature swing pack and SOHO leather slim wallet

I bought a new cross-body swing pack for summer and a new wallet, meaning I can finally retire my wristlet. Start to finish, this was definitely a great shopping experience.



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I worked at COACH when I was in college and racked up quite a collection (obviously). Since then, I haven’t made many COACH purchases. I think after spending some time working in a retail store, the novelty of the product starts to wear off. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the product, but when you’re getting something at a discount it seems less appealing when you suddenly have to pay full price again. Follow retail alum out there, don’t you agree?

My COACH dry spell ended yesterday with an online Factory sale. Besides the huge assortment of product available, I have to say the sale itself was executed EXTREMELY well. First, I received an email on Wednesday night telling me about the sale and letting me know I would receive an additional email with the link to the sale “no later than 4pm EST.” That immediately made me think the sale links would be released in waves, which can be both good and bad for the consumer. “Good” because then there wouldn’t be 1 million people flooding the site at the same time and crashing it, and “bad” because there is the potential for a lot of products to be sold out if you’re in a later email wave. Regardless, I saw this as a good thing.

Th sale email announcement. I liked seeing some prices and inclusion of different styles.

I received my email a little before noon on Thursday. With promises of sales at up to 70% off, I couldn’t help but jump on it. When I went to the site, I saw a MUCH wider selection of products than I anticipated. I spent some time looking around – I had a few types of items I was looking for specifically so I made sure to not waste time looking at things I knew I wasn’t going to purchase. One I had my choices in my cart, I went to check-out, terrified someone could have snagged my goods before I had the chance to. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had 30 minutes – essentially oodles of time – to keep them in my cart without being penalized. Amazing.

I made my purchases and received a notice saying because of the large volume of sales, it may take 8-12 hours to get an email confirmation. This, again, made me nervous in case I wasn’t actually getting what I thought I was. Nonetheless, I received an email a few hours later confirming my order. Even better? I received ANOTHER one this morning saying my items have shipped. Kudos, COACH. That’s exactly how you should run your Factory sales.

I purchased a wallet and cross-body swing pack. Since it’s already in the mail, I should be able to show you pictures next week. : )


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Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Finally! I’ve been wanting the Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo for a very long time (want proof?). This year, my fabulous parents were kind enough to oblige. I’m so excited. And grateful. And did I mention excited?

Finally! My very own Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo.

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Newest Obsession: Peyton Leather Drawstring Shoulder Tote

I need this bag!  I’ve always been obsessed with Coach bags.  Working at Coach during college only heightened the obsession, which has carried on to present day.  I need this bag:

Coach Peyton Leather Drawstring Shoulder Tote: $498

It’s described as having a “Slouchy shape with modern details, convertible straps and iconic hardware.”  Love.  Here’s what else it has:

  • Leather with patent leather trim
  • Inside zip, cellphone, multifunction pockets
  • Fabric lining
  • Drawstring closure
  • 9 1/4” short strap with 8” drop
  • 29 1/2” longer strap with 15” drop
  • 9 1/2 (L) x 15 1/2 (H) x 14 1/2 (W)
  • The real challenge: figure out how to scrape up $500 to score one.  Which bags do you love right now?

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