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Golden Globes Fashions

Soooo I’m (of course) watching the Golden Globes red carpet.  Trends?  Favs?  Fails??

I was also tweeting while watching the red carpet coverage.  I saw Rent the Runway tweeting about renting specific dresses – which is so cool!  It seems like an obvious thing forthem to do – I don’t know why it surprised me.  Randi being Randi Zuckerberg.

Rent the Runway (I think) was referring to this dress:

This is an Ani Lee dress but not what she wore all night – I’m sure the other dresses she wore were also from RTR.  Oddly enough, I went to the RTR site & they didn’t call out which Golden Globes dresses were available on their site.  They sent out the tweet & I had to go hunting.  You’d think they’d make it easy!

Sandra Bullock looked fabulous in a purple dress. I. Love. Her. And she donated $1 million to Haiti relief.  I think I would love her regardless of what she was wearing…but she does look spectacular.

Fergie also looked gorgeous in an elegant, flowing lilac dress – what a gorgeous color!  …maybe a purple theme I’m seeing?

More purple: Leona Lewis looking fabulous:

Tina Fey: while I love her, I”m not crazy about the dress – I don’t like the hoop skirt look!

It’s interesting Ryan Seacrest isn’t asking who people are wearing.  Why would that be??  Guliana Rancic did a better job of this… I think it’s a safe bet clothing and jewelry designers alike aren’t happy about this.

What do you think?  What were some of your favorites of the night?


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