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The Challenge: Day 3

The book Drop 5 I read back in December (oh – by the way – never did drop those 5 lbs) gives what sounds like an easy way to break down calorie intake during the day:

350 calories for breakfast

An apple a day...

500 calories for lunch

500 calories for dinner

100 – 200 calories worth of snacks/desserts throughout the day

This way you have up to 1450 – 1550 calories to plan with.  I like it – it’s clear, straight forward and makes planning for daily meals easy.  I’m trying to stay 100 or more calories below this.  I do a lot of sitting at work – I shouldn’t need all those calories, right?

I wrote those numbers on a sticky note and put them on my monitor at work to help remind me of what I should (and shouldn’t) be eating and I definitely find it helpful while I’m there.  However – it isn’t eating at work that’s giving me problems.  I’ve always brought food to work instead of buying there and a lot of my diet consists of fruit, low-fat oatmeal, low-fat soups and non-fat yogurt.  So this isn’t work where I’m running into trouble, it’s eating at home.

I love fruit.  It’s a quick, easy and healthy snack but  for whatever reason I keep a lot of it at work, but not at home.  Not this week.  This week I bought fruit to actually keep in the apartment.  It’s helping with my normal routine of coming home from work and snacking way too much before dinner.

Baby steps.


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There’s a Problem with my Blackberry

My Blackberry is about a year old.  It freezes a lot, much like it has been doing for about 6 months.  Some days are better than others, but I can’t bring myself to buy a new phone just yet.

This video makes light of all my Blackberry qualms:

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Newest Obsession: The "Parfait" Parfait

A recent Skinny & The City newsletter discussed what to eat after going to the gym.  It made a good point: you don’t want to undo all that hard work by eating the wrong things after going to the gym.  We of course all know this (in theory), but don’t always adhere to best practices.  Or maybe its just me? Before moving in with my boyfriend I went to the gym in the morning 3-4 times/week.  Now because of where we live, even though we technically live closer to the gym, it’s easier for me to go after work instead of at 6am.  Aaaand now I go twice a week.  In a good week.  This means if I go at night, I’m not snacking after the gym, I’m eating dinner.

I think I’m lucky in not being someone who’s really hungry after I go to the gym.  Maybe it’s all the water I drink.  By the time I get home I often don’t want to eat a big meal.  Good to know tip: It’s been said moderate exercise can help suppress one’s appetite.

My favorite after-gym (or weekend breakfast) meal is a fruit & yogurt parfait.  After trying a few different varieties of yogurt, fruit & granola, I like to think I have this down to a science.  A delicious science.

You need to try this, it’s easy.  Here’s how you do it:

Fresh strawberries & blueberries

1. Fresh fruit.  I prefer strawberries & blueberries.  I use 1/3 cup (roughly) of strawberries & 1/4 cup (roughly) of blueberries.

Calories in the strawberries: 15

Calories in blueberries: 20 Continue reading

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