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Spring Flats

One of my amazingly lovely co-workers just gave me a new pair of Rudolph Dassler Rhythm Shines. Love them! I don’t have anything like them yet and they are great for spring. Now, if only the nice weather would stick…



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Can it be Spring Yet?

I have to admit there are some perks to my job.  I recently became the new owner of these adorable flats:


Grey Flats

Can it please be spring so I can wear these?



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Fashion No-No: Dresses with Sneakers

One of the biggest fashion no-nos is wearing sneakers with your work clothes.  Sneakers (such as the lovely pair at right) are for the gym.  Or exercising.  Or doing yard work.  They are not to be work with your work skirt, slacks or dress.

For those of you who are currently thinking, But I do a lot of walking and need something comfortable, I have news for you: there are other shoe options that don’t involve mixing gym gear with work wear.

Sneaker alternatives for work

These silver Puma flats (top right) are a great wear-to-work option.  They’re comfortable…like sneakers…but they’re not sneakers.  They retail for $71 but are currently on sale on 6pm.com for $36.14.

These grey puma flats are another great alternative.  They’re comfortable enough to wear for longer periods of time but, again, aren’t sneakers.  These grey Puma flats retail for $73 but are currently on sale for $44 on 6pm.com

Don’t want Pumas?  Try these Cole Haan Mary Janes.  They retail for $155 but are somehow (miraculously?) on sale for $51.19 on 6pm.com.

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Clip It On

Shoes are one of my great loves.  I firmly believe one can never have too many shoes.  I recently came across a way to spruce up some of your plainer pairs to get more use out of them: shoe clips.  I kid you not!  This is something I wouldn’t have thought I would have liked before seeing them.  The site Absolutely Audrey has some really bright & fun designs sure to spruce up your wardrobe:

Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clip Sandals: $24.99

I love how these clips really bring life to these sandals!  These “Amelia” clips retail for $24.99.

Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clip Butterfly: $24.99

These butterfly clips would be adorable on a cute pair of flats.  Pair with a blue shirt or dress to really make them POP.  These are currently on sale for $24.99.

Absolutely Audrey Multi Colored Gem Clips: $24.99

These clips add new life to these flats.

Getting married?  They also have a line of bridal clips.  Definitely an innovative way to give your shoes a makeover.  Especially great for those favorites you want to wear every day, but you don’t want to SEEM like you wear every day.


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