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Salmon Salad, FTW

I’ve been making a huge effort in bringing my lunch to work to make sure I keep it healthy. I was steaming shrimp or making chicken to put on my salads, but to change it up I started using smoked salmon. How could I not have thought of this sooner? DELICIOUS. Just a little pepper on it, no dressing needed. Enjoy.


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D-Day: Weigh-In

Why hello there, March 15, you sure did sneak up on me.

Today is the date I set for myself to reach my goal weight of 119.

In the past few months I’ve felt myself getting stronger.  With few exceptions, I went to the gym six times a week;  I used to only go five times.  I’m big on taking classes, so each gym day had at least one class.  Understanding some of the classes burn more calories and are more difficult than others, I added additional cardio/running before some of my classes – mainly my Wednesday yoga class.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the weights I use during my Body Pump and Body Defined classes since starting the classes over the summer/early fall.  I can do more push-ups and hold my plank longer.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.

That being said – I did not make my weight goal.  I weighed in at 126 (yay!!) which feels good, but still not exactly where I want to be.

I’m a lot stronger and fit than I was when I was in the one-teens.  Definitely a lot stronger.  I love that.

I’m going to continue to try to be healthy.  With the nicer weather I’ve been able to get out of the office a little bit during the day – even for just a few minutes – to go for a walk.  It’s all the little things that help, right?

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OK.  This challenge/diet/whatever you want to call it isn’t working.  It’s just not.

I’ve kept up with the gym and have even added some classes for an extra challenge.  I’m following the diet guidelines I’ve laid out for myself but I’m not really losing any weight.  I’ve also noticed it isn’t really challenging to stay within those diet guidelines and it feels as though I’m just eating normally – which I shouldn’t be if I want to change, right?  Right.

New plan – I’m changing my dieting guidelines.  I’m cutting back on calories and really trying to avoid sugar.  Had less sugar in my coffee today.  Made up for it by adding a little more cinnamon (something I already use in coffee).

I still have time to lose the weight by March 15th.  I can do this.

I’m still going to post about how everything is going but I’m not going to do weekly weigh-ins.  In all honesty I weigh myself pretty much daily and it fluctuates so much I get annoyed when my Tuesday weight is higher than my Monday and Wednesday weight.  That being said, I will post my weight on March 15.  Promise.

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Bad Day for Dieting

Today was a really bad day for dieting.  I could be wrong, but it’s maybe the worst dieting day since starting this so-called diet.

I didn’t sleep well last night but felt a little rejuvenated after yoga this morning.  Usually when I do some form of exercise in the morning I stay on a pretty good track in terms of what I decide to eat.  Not today.

By the time noon rolled around I had consumed just about the amount of calories I usually consume throughout the work day (about 500).*

When I got home, after snacking while my dinner was cooking and then eating dinner, I made cupcakes (long story – I’ll explain tomorrow).  While I don’t like cupcakes, I do like frosting.

Breakfast: Fruit, dry cereal, assorted nuts, green tea biscuit/cookie thing (400 calories)

Snack: Pretzel Crisps (150 calories)

Snack #2: Orange (50 calories)

Snack #3: Another apple (50 calories)

Total work-day calorie intake: 650

Eating while dinner is cooking: Reduced fat chips & salsa (150 calories), carrots and hummus (80 calories)

Dinner: Turkey sausage with mustard (170 calories), steamed beets (50 calories)

Total calorie intake for the day after dinner: 1100 – it should have stopped there.

Then I made cupcakes. Making cupcakes lead to consuming frosting.  I feel gross. I’m annoyed.  Today was a bad day for dieting.

I’m really annoyed with myself and I think it’s mostly because a number of times when I ate today I wasn’t HUNGRY.  That’s something I know I need to work on.

*I’m telling you – I hardly eat anything at work and I’m fine – it’s when I get home that everything goes askew.

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Weigh-In: Week 3

My mom forwarded me an email from David’s Bridal this morning: my bridesmaid dress has arrived.  All I could think was, “crunch time.”

I need to be honest with myself and admit I’m not really making many changes.  I think that’s quite evident by my lack of weight loss.

Lbs lost this week: 1

How does that song go?  “One is the loneliest number…”

That means I’m down 2 lbs total.  TWO.  Pathetic.  It’s time to step it up.  All I can say is 2 lbs. is better than ZERO pounds and definitely better than gaining, right?  Right.

I’ve been sticking with my gym routine of 5 times per week (minus last week with the blizzard when I couldn’t make my class), and I don’t feasibly see myself adding another gym day, so I’ll say it again: it’s my diet that needs to change.

OK.  Let’s try this again.  My goal for next week: lose 2 lbs.  If I stay on a 2 lbs per week loss I’ll still be able to make my goal weight of 10 lbs total by March 15.

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Another Reason to Diet

My sister Elisabeth is getting married in June and I’m one of her bridesmaids.  Wanting to look good in this is another reason to diet:

I think I’m overall pretty lucky the dress I’ll be wearing doesn’t look like it’s from the 80s or covered in sequins or something similar.  Even though it will be her day, I still want to feel pretty!

Three days until the next weigh in…

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Weigh-In: Week Two


So today was me second weigh-in.  Boo.

I don’t have much to say other than I’m obviously not trying at all.  At all at all.

I’m exactly the same as last week: 128.

Hmm…this will never do…not at all.

OK – so I need to eat better.  That much is clear.  Better and less.

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