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Hello, Austin

About six months ago it was decided that I would be going to SXSW in Austin, Texas. How can it be that the time has already arrived?

I’m excited for a number of the different panels talking about what’s new with all things digital.

This will be my first visit to Texas. I’m told if there is one city in the state to visit, Austin is it. Since I’ve never been there, I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it. Updates on the sessions and events to come…

My badge and welcome bag! Let's do this.


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Miami Workouts

I had an amazing time in Miami. Work? Absolutely, but a ton of fun. And any schedule filled with workouts, sightseeing and healthy eating is, to me, a perfect weekend.

The hotel we stayed in, the Fontainebleau, was breathtaking.

The Fontainebleau. Gorgeous.

The grounds were gorgeous and it was right on the ocean. It was beautiful and the hotel staff were really gracious and helpful.

The weekend was filled with workouts. We had a soccer-inspired workout, a boxing workout, a Cross Fit-inspired workout and a cardio/strength workout. The time between many of the workouts was filled with biking. The weather was exactly what I needed: mid 80s and incredibly sunny.

I met a number of fantastic trainers on the trip including Angela Parker, who is known for her kick-butt boot camps.

Me with trainer Angela Parker

I had a really fantastic time with a great group of inspiring, healthy women. Can’t think of a much better way to spend a weekend!

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Fountainebleau Miami

It is currently 36 degrees in Boston. And windy. Very, very windy. Today in Miami, it was 81 degrees. And sunny. Very, very sunny.

Friday morning I leave for Miami for the weekend. I will be working, but I do not care. It will be sunny and I love my job so what’s not to like? I’ll be staying in the Fountainbleau hotel in Miami – quite possibly the nicest hotel I’ve ever experienced.

This is what the Fontainebleau website is telling me the view looks like. I’m not banking on my window having the same view, but the grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

Fontainebleau Miami

And this is what is telling me the weather will be when I’m there:

Weather forecast while I'm in Miami

Whenever I look at a forecast farther than 48 hours ahead, I hear the voice of Mrs. Ferguson, my middle school science teacher saying (yelling?) weather cannot be accurately predicted a week ahead of time. Whether that is still true, I don’t know, but I like the way it looks regardless. I cannot wait to get there.

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I found out I’ll be going to Miami next week for work and I couldn’t be more excited. Miami? In March? Yes, please.

Not only will I be in Miami, but I’ll be working on an event for our Fitness line and the entire weekend will be composed of different types of workouts with celebrity trainers. How perfect is that?

I leave on March 2nd. Right now, it looks like the weather will be in the 80s and sunny. I’m crossing my fingers that’s still what it is when I’m there.

Stay tuned: when I’m back I’ll have a full recap. ; )

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Scandic Berlin

I’m staying at the Scandic Berlin hotel right now while I’m here for Bread & Butter.

Scandic Berlin Hotel

The rooms are very cool and “seasonally inspired,” so, different types of rooms, each depicting one of the four seasons.

Between Bread & Butter and other meetings, there are a lot of PUMA people staying at the hotel so they have given the lobby and outside a PUMA Social theme. For example, one of the in-store installations is currently sitting in the lobby. The hotel desk employees are also all decked out in PUMA and our “do not disturb” signs also mimic the current PUMA Social campaign.


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Have Shoes: Will Travel

I can count the days left until my trip to Germany on one hand. I can’t go to Germany and not have new shoes, right?

Excited about my new PUMA Rhythms I’ll be bringing with me on the trip. These are nice and comfortable with extra cushioning at the bottom. Should be perfect for long days at Bread & Butter.

PUMA Rhythm flats

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Got My Passport!

One week from tomorrow I’m traveling to Germany to attend a fashion trade show for work. My passport expired a little while ago so I needed to get a new one expedited. Several phone calls and trips to the post office and federal building later, I have my passport!

On the topic of passports, why do the pictures always come out do poorly? I compare this to the photo I sent in and it almost feels like a nasty trick. (Or is it just me?)

Regardless, Germany in T-8 days!


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