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Bird Watching

Portobello and Cheddar are arguably loving the nice weather more than even me.

Bird watching

They love to stare out the window at birds.  They always seem to see the same ones, and their little heads travel in unison left-to-right as the birds fly by.


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Cat Nap

I cannot believe how well Portobello and Cheddar get along!  Couldn’t be better.  The first week or so I thought they were rough housing a little too much, but I think they were just getting used to each other.  I truly believe they are now best friends…and not only because they only have each other.

Cat Nap

This is the first time we actually caught them sleeping intertwined.  See?  They love each other.

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Portobello is probably the most social cat I’ve ever encountered.  He always wants to be around people, whether it’s to play or just sit on your lap.  He’s gotten along really well with his parents’ cats and my parents’ cat and dogs.  Sean and I decided such a friendly cat needs a permanent friend within his species.

Cheddar at the shelter

We went to the same shelter where we got Portobello to see if anyone caught our eye and our hearts.  That’s where Cheddar comes in.  We saw him in the back of his little cage in Portobello’s signature position.  We started to pet him and he was like a mini orange/cream-colored Portobello.  We picked him up and he couldn’t have been any lovier.

We found a winner.

Cheddar in his new bed

We picked him out on a Saturday but couldn’t bring him home until Monday.  We officially brought him home on Monday, February 28.

The catch: Cheddar and Portobello need to stay separate for two weeks (ahh!).

This needs to happen for two reasons: 1) he was just neutered and needs time to heal and 2) the MCPCA thought he might have kennel cough (which Portobello had – it wasn’t fun) and we didn’t want him to catch it.

Cheddar lounging

The first day or two included some hissing and growling by both parties, but it’s now been a few days and Portobello and Cheddar seem to be used to each other through the door.  The bad news is Cheddar actually is sick, so we can’t introduce the two of them until he’s done taking his medicine, which is in about a week.

Will they be as friendly when they meet face-to-face?  We shall see.

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We Should Have Named Him “Sam”

Portobello likes to climb into everything.  Whenever we get a new package in the mail, he tries to climb in the box.  Whenever Sean or I gets a new pair of shoes, he tries (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to fit in the shoebox.  Recently he discovered a Sam Adams box by the stove.

Look right…

Look left…

Portobello is not a small kitty.  I have no idea how he managed to get himself in there.  The next time he tried to jump in the Sam Adams box he was faced with two empty bottles.  He just paused for a moment with his back end hanging out of the box, then jumped out.

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Christmas Cards: Here We Come

I decided I wanted to create photo holiday cards this year.  I then decided Portobello would grace the cover.  No, I am not a crazy cat person. While I could not quite execute my original plan, I was pleased with the result.  Here are a few of the pictures that didn’t make the cut:

I was going for a scenic holiday look.  He was going for a hunter/prey look.  The prey being beads and ornaments.

Not surprisingly, he was more than happy to play in the decorations.  He was on the hunt.

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Cat in the Sink

Portobello has supposedly been hanging out in the sink.  This is something only Sean has seen – until now.  He was finally able to snap a picture of the cat in the sink.

Perfect fit.

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My Own PUMA Cat

Looks like Portobello loves PUMA.


I bought a pair of shoes for Sean and Portobello seemed to think the box was for him.  Go figure.

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