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Miami Workouts

I had an amazing time in Miami. Work? Absolutely, but a ton of fun. And any schedule filled with workouts, sightseeing and healthy eating is, to me, a perfect weekend.

The hotel we stayed in, the Fontainebleau, was breathtaking.

The Fontainebleau. Gorgeous.

The grounds were gorgeous and it was right on the ocean. It was beautiful and the hotel staff were really gracious and helpful.

The weekend was filled with workouts. We had a soccer-inspired workout, a boxing workout, a Cross Fit-inspired workout and a cardio/strength workout. The time between many of the workouts was filled with biking. The weather was exactly what I needed: mid 80s and incredibly sunny.

I met a number of fantastic trainers on the trip including Angela Parker, who is known for her kick-butt boot camps.

Me with trainer Angela Parker

I had a really fantastic time with a great group of inspiring, healthy women. Can’t think of a much better way to spend a weekend!


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I found out I’ll be going to Miami next week for work and I couldn’t be more excited. Miami? In March? Yes, please.

Not only will I be in Miami, but I’ll be working on an event for our Fitness line and the entire weekend will be composed of different types of workouts with celebrity trainers. How perfect is that?

I leave on March 2nd. Right now, it looks like the weather will be in the 80s and sunny. I’m crossing my fingers that’s still what it is when I’m there.

Stay tuned: when I’m back I’ll have a full recap. ; )

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New Routine

It’s been a little while since I really wanted to talk about the Challenge at all.  No, I’m still not at 119 BUT I can say that I’m officially in the low 20s, and feeling pretty good about it.  I still feel like I’m getting stronger and more in shape than I was even when I was at my lightest.  Besides being more careful about what I eat (especially on the weekends), I can probably thank my new gym routine.  I’ve added a few classes.

Here’s the new routine:

Tuesday: Pilates

Wednesday: “kick it” (it’s what it sounds like – kicking/cardio class) followed by yoga

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Body Express (cardio/conditioning class)

Saturday: Body Defined (strength/conditioning class)

Sunday: Body Pump (oh, how I love Body Pump)

Also, as of this week, I tried a spin class again after about 6 months of not doing it.  This was my second spin class ever.  The first one was pretty horrible since the bike wasn’t set up correctly.  This time the bike was set up properly, which made for a much different experience.  Really hard?  Yes.  But in a good way.

My new commitment to myself is to take a spin class at least once a week.  Please feel free to ask me about it to keep me honest. : )

Seriously, I love my gym.

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Mix 1 Lean Performance

This week my Healthworks was giving away bottles of Mix 1 protein shakes and Mix 1 lean performance drinks.

Acai Pomegranate Mix 1 Drink

I’m honestly not on for protein shakes, but the idea of a “lean performance” drink for 90 calories was a little enticing.

When I went yesterday, I grabbed an Acai Pomegranate drink.  The bottle told me it was a “healthy, 90 calorie all-natural protein shake providing pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery.”  Seemed worth a shot.

Again, since I’m not really the “protein shake”-type, I don’t have much to compare it to.  I do, however, know what acai berries and pomegranates should taste like.

The drink itself was slightly think, but not too much like a shake (which is good).  The flavor actually reminded me more of blueberry yogurt than acai or pomegranate, but it was fairly good overall.  Taste-wise, I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Orange-Twist Mix 1 Drink

Additional drinks were being offered today when I went back to the gym.  This time I decided to try the “orange-twist” flavor.

Much to my surprise, I rather liked the orange flavor.  Orange isn’t typically something I would have chosen for a shake, but the flavor itself actually lent itself well to the texture of the drink.  I would award the orange-twist an extra star, thus giving it 3.5 our of 5 stars.

According to Mix 1’s website, the lean performance drink has 10 rams of whey protein, the antioxidant equivalent to 3 servings of fruits and veggies and 23 vitamins and minerals.  And again, only 90 calories.  Worth checking out.

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D-Day: Weigh-In

Why hello there, March 15, you sure did sneak up on me.

Today is the date I set for myself to reach my goal weight of 119.

In the past few months I’ve felt myself getting stronger.  With few exceptions, I went to the gym six times a week;  I used to only go five times.  I’m big on taking classes, so each gym day had at least one class.  Understanding some of the classes burn more calories and are more difficult than others, I added additional cardio/running before some of my classes – mainly my Wednesday yoga class.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the weights I use during my Body Pump and Body Defined classes since starting the classes over the summer/early fall.  I can do more push-ups and hold my plank longer.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.

That being said – I did not make my weight goal.  I weighed in at 126 (yay!!) which feels good, but still not exactly where I want to be.

I’m a lot stronger and fit than I was when I was in the one-teens.  Definitely a lot stronger.  I love that.

I’m going to continue to try to be healthy.  With the nicer weather I’ve been able to get out of the office a little bit during the day – even for just a few minutes – to go for a walk.  It’s all the little things that help, right?

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Bad Day for Dieting

Today was a really bad day for dieting.  I could be wrong, but it’s maybe the worst dieting day since starting this so-called diet.

I didn’t sleep well last night but felt a little rejuvenated after yoga this morning.  Usually when I do some form of exercise in the morning I stay on a pretty good track in terms of what I decide to eat.  Not today.

By the time noon rolled around I had consumed just about the amount of calories I usually consume throughout the work day (about 500).*

When I got home, after snacking while my dinner was cooking and then eating dinner, I made cupcakes (long story – I’ll explain tomorrow).  While I don’t like cupcakes, I do like frosting.

Breakfast: Fruit, dry cereal, assorted nuts, green tea biscuit/cookie thing (400 calories)

Snack: Pretzel Crisps (150 calories)

Snack #2: Orange (50 calories)

Snack #3: Another apple (50 calories)

Total work-day calorie intake: 650

Eating while dinner is cooking: Reduced fat chips & salsa (150 calories), carrots and hummus (80 calories)

Dinner: Turkey sausage with mustard (170 calories), steamed beets (50 calories)

Total calorie intake for the day after dinner: 1100 – it should have stopped there.

Then I made cupcakes. Making cupcakes lead to consuming frosting.  I feel gross. I’m annoyed.  Today was a bad day for dieting.

I’m really annoyed with myself and I think it’s mostly because a number of times when I ate today I wasn’t HUNGRY.  That’s something I know I need to work on.

*I’m telling you – I hardly eat anything at work and I’m fine – it’s when I get home that everything goes askew.

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Weigh-In: Week Two


So today was me second weigh-in.  Boo.

I don’t have much to say other than I’m obviously not trying at all.  At all at all.

I’m exactly the same as last week: 128.

Hmm…this will never do…not at all.

OK – so I need to eat better.  That much is clear.  Better and less.

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