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Cat Naps

I want to sleep all day sometimes, too.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Oh to be a cat.

Portobello sleeping in his bed

Oddly enough, we bought this bed for Portobello before even bringing him home.  While I’m not a huge supporter of cat beds, per say, I thought this would be a good thing to have since we do a fair amount of traveling.   I thought if he was used to a bed he would be more comfortable staying in homes other than his.  He finally discovered the bed and started using it this week.

He is a fan of sleeping right on the edge of things.  The fact that this sometimes means he falls off the bed/table/desk doesn’t seem to really bother him.


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Hello Portobello

Yesterday Sean and I went to the MSPCA Angell Animal Hospital in Jamaica Plain to potentially adopt a cat.  We fell in love with a 5 month old male cat as soon as we held him.  Today we got to bring him home!  Here’s Portobello’s blog debut:

Portobello under his scratching toy.

Portobello enjoying being pet.

Portobello is the most lovey-dovey cat I’ve ever met.  As a known “dog person,” it isn’t often a cat can steal my heart.  He already seems really comfortable in the apartment and around Sean and me.  We’re really pleased.

The MSPCA Angell Animal Hospital was the nicest facility imaginable.  When you walk into the cat area you see each cat in his own cage.  Each cage has four levels so the cat can easily move around and go from level to level.  They were clean, new-looking and had toys so the cats could play.  Besides the cages, other cats were in shared rooms.  The rooms were essentially finished rooms with furniture and toys for the cats.  The entire time we were looking at cats, which was about an hour, multiple emploees and volunteers were opening the cage doors to give each cat individual attention.  It was definitely far above my expectations.  I would highly recommend them if you’re looking to adopt a pet!


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Getting Crafty: Shadow Boxes

I love my craft projects.  Sean gets a little annoyed because they always have a tendency of taking up the living room for extended periods of time, but they make me happy so I think he’s OK with it.  This year for as part of my mom’s Mother’s Day gift I wanted to give her something to remember our amazing trip to Cape Cod last year.  I didn’t want to just give her pictures, so I thought what better way to commemorate the vacation than a shadow box.

Getting set up.

I chose a white frame and wanted to have a sort of clothesline-look to it.  I found mini clothespins at a crafts store that were perfect.  My parents gave us mini wooden beach chair ornaments for Christmas to remember the vacation and, initially, I wanted the chair to be in the shadow box with some rocks to add depth.  Much to my chagrin, I couldn’t find a frame deep enough to hold the chairs.  Oh well – I settled for making a sort of 3-dimensional chair and had it lifted away from the back of the frame (as you can see below).

The final product.

I literally hung the pictures on string and attached them with the clothespins.  I then hammered picture nails into the sides of the shadow box to secure the string.  Overall I was pleased with how it turned out.  It seemed like my mom was, too, which made it well worth it. : )

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Coming Soon: Gilt’s Jeanette Farrier Sale

Itching for more great home sales? Of course you are! Gilt HOME will feature a Jeanette Farrier sale starting Thursday, May 27.  See a preview of the items in the sale here before they’re available on the site.

Gilt offers the backstory for the rugs & throws:

Jeanette Farrier brings the age-old Indian art of kantha (quilting) to Western households in the form bedspreads, pillow covers and clothing made from gently used, vibrantly patterned saris. Each piece is assembled and sewn by hand, providing a viable livelihood for women in the country’s Kolkata region. Take special note of the throws, comprising five layers of recycled sari fabric hand-stitched with a trio of contrasting-colored threads. Even utilitarian objects like the bathmats made of strips of white cloth and the hand-loomed cotton towels have a unique beauty in these artisans’ hands.

DOUBLE KANTHA THROW (200x200cm) Original Retail: $1,075, Gilt: $498

KANTHA CUSHION (square or rectangle) Original Retail: $212, Gilt: $98

SINGLE KANTHA (100x200cm) Original Retail: $538, Gilt: $298

Gilt HOME is an invite-online private shopping site featuring designer & luxury items at incredibly discounted prices.  For an invitation to this & other invite-only shopping sites, visit the VIP Shopping page.

Happy shopping!

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Time for a Picnic

I was just introduced to huset, a  site for modern home decor & accessories.  Now I want to have a picnic!

The product description:

You can turn your picnic into a Hip-nic with this bright ‘Sunkissed’ colored durable melamine tiffin lunch box from Danish brand Rice dk. Based on a traditional tiffin style lunch box this consists of 4 layers, the top layer is compartmentalised into 4 sections to increase the number of items you can transport. It’s a fabulous way to make sure you have all your favorite foods with you while out for a picnic, ball game or the beach. The tiffin box is secured by a stainless steel clamp which fastens at the top and also acts as a great carry handle.

Rice dk Melamine Lunch Box: $58.50

Disassembled Rice dk Melamine Lunch Box

So glad summer is on its way here.  I want to go on a picnic!


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Gilt’s Feather Your Nest Event

They’ve done it again.  I love it when Gilt partners with other stylish entities to bring us fabulously unique sales.  Gilt has partnered with the editors at to create an exclusive home-decor sale they claim will “provide you with all the essentials you’ll need, from stoneware bowls by Jonathan Adler to dining chairs by Ligne Roset.”  Given I”m always on the lookout for apartment decor and gifts, this sounds fantastic.

The sale officially starts May 25.  Here are some sneak-peek items the sale will feature:

1. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag: Gilt Price: $22 for a set of 4, Original Price: $32

2. Stitch Pillow by Thomas Paul: Gilt Price: $48, Original Price: $100

3. Minuit 5-Piece Place Setting by Ligne Roset: Gilt Price: $105, Original Price: $180

Gilt is a member’s only private shopping site featuring designer and luxury labels at discounted prices.  For an invite to Gilt and other invite-only shopping sites, visit the VIP Shopping page.

Happy shopping!


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Eek! We’re Hosting Easter

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  A day where family is suppose to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with giant bunnies & eggs…  Anyway.  My family is coming to Boston this year for Easter to celebrate with Sean & me.  I’m simultaneously looking forward to it & worried about getting it all done.  Besides cleaning, here’s what’s on the to-do list:

  1. Clean
  2. Go grocery shopping (most was done Friday – but not all)
  3. Bake
  4. Make Easter eggs (I will post pictures!)
  5. Clean up after baking & making Easter eggs…

Not to mention the cooking that will take place day-of.   I’m baking corn muffins (click for recipe) & can’t decide if it should be done today or Sunday morning.  Obviously Sunday morning before my family gets here would be best, but I don’t know if there will be time.  They will most likely be made tonight.

For Easter dinner, we’re making:

  • Pork roast
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green bean casserole
  • Carrots
  • Salad
  • Whatever my little sister is bringing for dessert 🙂

Looking forward to the wine.  Too bad I didn’t think of ordering Toast-its until juuuuust now.  Getting flowers (can’t have Easter without fresh flowers.  Yes, I am a dork.) was also on my list, but Sean was nice enough to get them for me.

Wish me luck – & Happy Easter!

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