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File this one under fun and quirky.

Ever wish people would just smile and say “Hi” more often? So did the creators of “Ohiya.” The simple realization that the world would be a happier place if people just spontaneously said “hi” to one another spawned a line of clothing aimed at just that. Fun, cute, quirky characters encourage random acts of friendship that can start from just two letters: H-I.

Like I said, fun, cute and quirky. Check out some of their Ts here.



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Just because it’s relevant…

Whitney Houston’s funeral was over the weekend. This was obviously a huge talking point online on all social media channels. It’s often a best practice on social media to be talking about “hot topics” and current events even if it isn’t 100% relevant. However, there is a line. I think it’s safe to say that line was crossed with Waffle House:

Tweets as shared by by someecards

This is just…too…random. It’s OK that Waffle House talked about something other than waffles. It’s not only odd they chose to talk about Whitney Houston’s funeral, but it’sreally odd that they then tagged it with #wafflehouse.

Just because it’s relevant, it doesn’t mean you have to tweet it.


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Who’s Stroller is This?

This stroller sits outside when not in use year-round at the building next to mine.


To the owner: please take your stroller inside

I don’t even like to get in a cold car in the winter, let alone sit on something that’s been exposed to the elements.  The lobby of this building is identical to mine – and there are places to lock it up in the lobby.


Doesn’t this make for a cold baby?  Just saying.

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There’s a Problem with my Blackberry

My Blackberry is about a year old.  It freezes a lot, much like it has been doing for about 6 months.  Some days are better than others, but I can’t bring myself to buy a new phone just yet.

This video makes light of all my Blackberry qualms:

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Snowpocolypse 2011

Snow days are one of those beloved things that are music to our ears as children.  I’m fairly sure the music almost just as nice when you’re an adult.


Snow outside my window this morning

For as long as I live in Boston, it will never cease to amaze me how freaked out everyone gets about the snow.  It comes every year. It came last year, it’s here this year and it will be here again next year.  It’s called having seasons.  It’s called living in the Northeast.


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Update: PUMA Curling

I’ve finally seen some pictures from my department holiday curling outing!  Here’s me in an action shot:

Me concentrating on my curling skills.

It was a lot of fun.  Even though I was wearing tights AND socks, the bottoms of my feet still got really cold.  Just something to remember for next time – wear even MORE socks – or wear boots.

Check out all the pictures on Flickr.

Next stop: Olympics. : )

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Christmas Cards: Here We Come

I decided I wanted to create photo holiday cards this year.  I then decided Portobello would grace the cover.  No, I am not a crazy cat person. While I could not quite execute my original plan, I was pleased with the result.  Here are a few of the pictures that didn’t make the cut:

I was going for a scenic holiday look.  He was going for a hunter/prey look.  The prey being beads and ornaments.

Not surprisingly, he was more than happy to play in the decorations.  He was on the hunt.

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