Bagel Thins

Nicely timed with my weight loss challenge, I’m now participating in a BzzCampaign for Thomas’ Bagel Thins.  Bagels have long been one of my favorite things to eat but they’re not the healthiest breakfast choice.  In fact, despite them being something I love, I can’t remember the last time I had an actual bagel, for that very reason.

See? Skinny bagels for those of us who want to be, well, skinny.

Bagel thins are exactly what they sound like – thin bagels.  Each serving of Bagel Thins is 110 calories, which is about the same as one piece of toast.

They come in a few flavors, but I’ve only tried wheat so far.  I’m not a cream cheese fan, so jam or butter is usually what I use as a topping.  The first time I tried them I tried them with jam.  It was actually really good.

The second time I had one I used butter (well, Smart Balance Light, actually, but I pretend it’s butter).  I was a little put off that the butter wasn’t really melting on the bagel.  I don’t like the taste of unmelted butter, or unmelted fake butter, in this case.  I think that’s because it’s so thin – maybe the butter doesn’t have anywhere to go?

At the end of the day, I thought they were good and I don’t really feel bad about the 110 calories.  Definitely a nice alternative to traditional bagels.  For more info, check out Thomas’ Facebook page.

I’m a BzzAgent who received coupons for this product free of charge to test and discuss.  My opinion is my own.  You can learn more about BzzAgents and BzzCampaigns at

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  1. i tried the cinnamon raisin bagel thins a couple weeks ago. They were good but i immediately wanted to toast another one right after!

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