One Star(wood) Sheraton

I recently went to NYC for work because one of our clients was on Fox & Friends.  It was one of those what else can happen now?? trips…

It started with the airport.

My family was in Costa Rica and flying in just over an hour after I was landing in JFK.  After waiting just about an hour at their terminal, I see my sister post on Facebook: “home again, home again, jiggity jig.”  They were back!  I texted her to tell her I was waiting – here’s the transcript:

ME: DON’T TELL MOM – I’m in the airport! Are you still on the plane?

SJ: …You are in Miami?

ME: Wait…Dad said you guys were getting in at 6………………………….

SJ: We are about to go through customs

ME: IN MIAMI??????? Dad said you were getting to NYC at 6!!!!!!!!!!!

SJ: JFK? We’re getting in at midnight!

ME: I’m here for work. OMG Dad’s going to be furious….I’m not telling him…..he’s sitting in traffic

SJ: Nope he’s wrong…. OMG should I tell Mom??? You should call him…

(Insert phone conversation with my dad and me.  Luckily my mom called him first)

ME: Wellllll that’s more than a little bit of a bummer.  Guess I’ll go into the city.

So I went into the city.  Since I was told there was a huge amount of traffic, I decided to take the train in.  This of course was not without incident: they changed tracks as the train was pulling in, making me RUN to another track.  Then, en route, we had to change trains.

Once I arrived in the city I took a cab to the Sheraton Hotel & Towers on 7th & 53rd.  After walking in the front door I had high hopes for the rooms.

I checked in and headed to my room.   The scene outside the elevator was not nearly as nice as the lobby.  Definitely in need of a paint job.  I walked down the hall to my room, put the key in, tried to open the door & WHAM – stopped by a chain lock.

First thing that went through my mind: chain lock?? How is that possible?  Don’t you need to be …inside…to lock the chain lock?  WHO IS IN MY ROOM??

I went downstairs to the concierge to let them know.  Of course everyone thought I was crazy, but nonetheless the front desk manager came upstairs with me to take a look.  Turns out the room was an adjoining room and someone must have left one of the joining doors unlocked, so someone decided to make their room into a suite and use two rooms.

One thing I knew for certain: I did NOT want to be in an adjoining room.  I was traveling by myself and didn’t want to have to even think about it.  I made that quite clear.

The front desk manager went back downstairs with me to assign me a new room.

As luck would have it those adjoining rooms were all that was left.  Awesome.  He escorted me to a room in the same position in the hotel, just about 10 floors higher.  He was nice enough to go into the room with me to make sure everything was locked correctly.  It was.

The furniture looked really nice – I just had one question: where was the bed???

I was then informed it was a Murphy bed – AKA a pull down.  A pull down??  $300/night for a PULL DOWN?  Sooo in order for me to go to sleep, I need to move the coffee table?  You have GOT to be kidding me.

Alas…joke was on me.  Not only did I have a pull down bed in a room where not one piece of furniture faced the TV, but I could hear every single thing the people in the rooms on both sides of me were saying.  They weren’t being loud, it’s just that the walls (doors??) were paper-thin.

At least the segment went well the next morning, right??

My advice: stay at the Hilton, instead.

My bed while still in the wall

Aaaand my bed when pulled down.


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