Ideeli Red Sale

Loving the Ideeli Red Sale this weekend!  They seem to have more designers and items than their other Red Sales – which is exciting.  Need an invite?  You’re in luck – click here.

Here are some of my favorite picks from the sale:

Anna Molinari Dress: $126 from $1279

How fun is this dress??  I love the black base with splashes of color – almost painted on.  Very flirty, very fun.  This dress retails for $1,279 but is currently on the ideeli Red Sale for $126.  INCREDIBLE sale.

BCBG Plaid Dress: $44 from $178

I seriously almost bought this BCBG dress.  The only reason I didn’t is because I’m REALLY trying to buy spring/summer dresses in bright colors…this, in blues & blacks…doesn’t exactly count.  Even still, it’s seriously cute.  I love plaid.  This BCBG dress retails for $178 but is currently on sale for $44!  Good stuff.

BCBG Boots: $110 from $350

The sale also has a huge assortment of shoes, bags & accessories.  I LOVE these BCBG boots.  I would have scooped them up if they came in a 7.  These are hot.  They retail for $350 but are currently on sale for $110.

The sale only lasts 48 hours or as soon as items run out.  Click here for an invite.  Looking for invites to other fabulous shopping sites?  Visit the VIP Shopping page.  Happy shopping!


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