Feel Springy when it’s Cold Out

This week I was lucky enough to be a guest blogger for the Shop It To Me blog.  See the post as it appears on their site here, or just take a look below.

While the calendar tells us spring has arrived, Mother Nature sometimes has other plans.  Don’t let cold weather & rain stop you from getting excited about & dressing for spring!  Here are some tips for looking springy when it’s still cold out:

  1. COLOR! Color is easiest way to add a little “spring” to your outfit.  Don’t be afraid of color!  Add it wherever you can.  Colorful shoes are one of my favorite ways to add color to an outfit.
  2. Mix your winter & spring gear. Bring your spring dresses out of the closet (read: spring, not summer) & pair them with tights and a blazer.  You can rock your spring look while still being warm enough to fare the outdoors.
  3. Blazer & Shoshanna dress

  4. Accessorize!  Fun accessories in bright patterns & colors make spring feel like it’s actually here.  My favorite spring accessories?  Bright scarves & flirty headbands, like this Gap scarf & headband from J. Crew.  Too cute.
  5. Gap bandana scarf

    J Crew Headband

  6. Raining?  Get a fun, brightly colored rain coat, like this Green with Envy coat from Macy’s.  The brightly colored coat will brighten even the rainiest day.  Brightly colored rain boots will also do the trick.
  7. Green with Envy Pink Trench

  8. Get a colorful mani/pedi.  Even the idea of prepping your feet for spring will put you in more of a spring mindset.

Biggest spring style mistakes?  Jumping to summer & skipping spring styles altogether.  Even when it’s cold out, it’s great to mix & match some of your spring & winter gear.  Don’t forget color!  It’s sure to brighten your outfit & your mood.


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