The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty premiered Monday night on VH1. Did you see it? I didn’t really think much of it until I saw a roughly 10-minute promo for the show on Saturday morning.  The show – surprisingly – looked almost refreshing. Here’s a snippet from PopSugar:

I have nothing against Jessica Simpson & think she often gets more than her fair share of crap from the media.  However, that being said, she doesn’t always portray herself as the most cultured or educated woman.  I really wish I could find the trailer I saw that made me look forward to the movie…I think it does a better job of highlighting what the show is suppose to be.

The premise of the show is to highlight how we’re all different & it is those differences who make us unique & beautiful.  Who could argue with that?

After seeing the show, I think Jessica Simpson came off as sheltered and uncultured, what do you think?  I think the idea of celebrities being sheltered & snobbish is somewhat of a stereotype since there are obviously many of them who are very cultured and well-rounded.  She doesn’t make herself look like one of them.


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  1. Courtney

    Your post on this makes me want cable again… I want to watch and analyze!

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