Kell on Earth: Week 2

Episode 2 started with Kelly’s team updating a seating chart 2 hours before a Chado show.  They were dealing with of a nightmare not being able to have printed lists.  The seating chart wouldn’t print correctly from their computer, so their list was 1/2 on the computer, 1/2 hand-written.

15 minutes before the show, the lobby is still packed.  People were trying to take other people’s seats, lying about who they were, etc.  Chaos.  BUT It looked like they got everyone who was invites and suppose to be seated.  Kelly: “Mistakes happen that are out of our control.” True.  The show went really well, they got fabulous reviews but didn’t end up being featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

Result: They got fired.

Next they worked on a show for Genetic Denim.  A mini-crisis arose when someone used $0.61 stamps instead of $0.44 stamps.  A bigger crisis arose when interns put editor gifts into white paper bags with addresses written in Sharpie.  Oops.  Not exactly professional.

SO many things rang true this episode from working in PR:

  1. Guest lists are always seem  a nightmare.  People RSVP late, change their RSVPs, problems happen in formatting…the list goes on.
  2. You always need to watch for details.  The issue with the stamps rings true in many other areas of PR: you need to pay attention to details.
  3. Wrapping gifts for editors: I think People’s Revolution had it a little easier since everything they were wrapping was going to people in the same city: New York.  We ship items to different areas of the country & it’s sometimes  hard to make it “pretty” when it has to ship halfway across the country.

Another good point: “PR girls in general spend so much time in the drama of what’s not working, if they just got into the action of what is working the job would be done already.”

Favorite moment of the show: a model faints behind the scenes at an event.  An ambulance came to the scene to help.  Kelly went outside & told the ambulance to please shut off their lights because she was holding an event & she didn’t want people to think there was a problem. 🙂  That’s fabulous.


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