Bzz! My First BzzCampaign!

I signed up for BzzAgent a few months ago.  It seemed like a great concept: companies have you test their products, give feedback & speak the word.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, apparently everyone thinks so…because it’s not easy to be assigned to a campaign at first.  Finally my day arrived!  My first campaign: L’Oreal Lash Boosting Technology.  This is a product that’s designed to help give you thicker, fuller lashes.  What girl doesn’t want that? I was in.

I arrived home today to find my first BzzAgent box.  So exciting!

I opened the box & this is what was inside:

1. L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

2. L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara

3. L’Oreal Lash Boosting Technology Official BzzGuide

4. Letter explaining the campaign

One of the first things they have you do is take before pictures without any eye makeup (ahh!).  Below is what my lashes looks like now, without any makeup on.

Tomorrow will be my first day trying the product.  It seems most people seem to have fuller, thicker lashes after 4 weeks.  My question:

Makeup-free eyelashes & face

what does that really mean?  I guess I’ll find out.  The stats in the Official BzzGuide:

71% of women say: “It seems I have more lashes”

75% of women say: “My lashes seem thicker”

78% of women say: “I have less lash loss during makeup removal”

81% of women say: “My lashes seem to be in better condition”

My initial question: after you stop using the serum, what happens to your lashes?  It seems this product just makes you appear to have fuller, thicker lashes, but what kind of affect does that have?

Stay tuned for updates & whether, in my opinion, it’s “worth it.” 🙂

Have you tried this or other lash-boosting products??  I’d love to hear it!

Disclaimer: I’m a BzzAgent & voluntarily agreed to receive this product for free to review & give my honest opinion.



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6 responses to “Bzz! My First BzzCampaign!

  1. T$

    It’s a pretty cool concept – I would like to get free things and try them! What are the questions like … to figure out what products are good for you. I could only imagine what they would decide was good for me. haha.

    Can’t wait to see the after picture, and see if those lash boosters really work. Didnt the first one that came out, forget which one, but one side effect was changing the color of your eyes. haha.

    • cusechris13

      I know! I am looking forward to fuller lashes. Should be interesting. This one doesn’t change you eye color! I would be more than a little upset to lose my green eyes.

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  3. valarie

    i hope it doesnt change my eyes either! mine are green-brown, and i am kinda afraid to use the stuff until i read more(even though i bought it yesterday) let me know if you read/experience any changes.

    • cusechris13

      So far, so good! I think it’s only the prescription that has that possibility. I think I’ve seen a slight difference in my lashes – I’ll be doing another post with an updated lash photo tonight or tomorrow. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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